Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Solstice

 It's my favorite day of the year, Summer Solstice.  This means that the dark will begin to return.  The days grow shorter, the night's longer and the countdown to Autumn begins.

 It's time to start decorating for my favorite season.

 Did you dance beneath the moon last night?

 Did you build a bonfire.  I had a nice fire burning last evening.

 As of Sunday, we are halfway through the growing season.  How does your garden grow?

Enjoy the first day of Summer and let the fun begin.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Some Lebanese Please

 A good old friend of mine was having house guests this weekend.  Her sister was bringing her new fiance to meet the family.  The fiance is Lebanese.  I had a couple free days so I offered to make them some food. I had so much fun preparing this. I made kaak which is the bread with the holes in it.  And Turkish simit though I am sure there is a Lebanese version of this same bread. I'm not sure hwat it is called.

 I made a big spinach pie, a Lebanese cucumber and tomato salad, garlic sauce, hummus, baba ganough, Tzatziki, roasted red peppers and pickles.

 I made Lebanese rice too.  It always has toasted vermicelli in it (think the original Rice-a-roni).

 The hummus was decorated with paprika, parsley and toasted pine nuts.

 Stuffed zucchini with lamb and rice and a ton of spices, very tasty.

I threw in an American chocolate cake frosted with a rich chocolate ganache.  My husband delivered it to them just as the guests arrived.

The fiance said he couldn't wait to go home and tell his Lebanese family that a Polish woman cooked him authentic Lebanese food.  Ha!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day Dada

 Happy Father's Day Dada!  You are the best dada any puppy could have.

 You feed me my favorite treats.  They drive me a little crazy.

 You take me swimming.

 You keep me warm when I am cold.

 You never fail to know what this look means.

 You take me to the beach.

 And you took such good care of me when I had to wear the 'Cone of Shame'.

 You made the indignity of it all so much better.

You always make me feel so warm and fuzzy.  I love you!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


The Fog came in on Little Cat Feet.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oakleaf Hydrandeas

 My Oakleaf Hydrangeas have bloomed.  In about 3 weeks they will start to turn pink which is a sure sign that the Summer Solstice is past and Fall is on the way.

 All of the Daylilies are blooming but not a bee to be seen.  I've never seen so few bees before.  Even the carpenter bees which were very busy in early spring are no where to be seen.

 Olives....I might get enough to brine this year.

 My celery is thriving in the container.

 I've lost a few apples but the ones remaining are growing nicely.

 No zucchini yet.  I've been self pollinating so I am hopeful.

 I've never had this many clematis on this plant before.  In general I have more blooms on everything this year.

We have been in the 90's for a week with high humidity.  At least we've been getting rain.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

She Still Has Some Kick Left in Her

 It is so difficult having an aging pet.  Teddy is now over 12 years old.  That's 84 in people years. The tip of her proud Chow tail is bald.  She has a lot of trouble going up and down steep stairs in the house.  We have to go up behind her and down in front of her just in case she stumbles so we can catch her. Quite a few years ago she refused to get in the car to go to parks and on long drives.  Her world started to shrink.  She occasionally will go an a short walk in the neighborhood but they are less frequent.  We have had horrible heat and humidity so she mostly spends her days laying on the cool stone floor in front of a fan.

One thing she does enjoy, is walking down to the upper pond to get a drink.  Nothing like a good shot of pond water. She has stopped gong all the way down to the lower pond because it is a long trek back up for my old girl.  So, innumerable times a day we go out for a drink.  She slowly descends the steps.

 She mows through my hostas to get to the pond.

 She carefully positions herself to get a drink.  We scrub that stone she is standing on with a wire brush to get rid of the algae so that she doesn't take the log jammer ride.

 Hi Teddy, I'm talking about you.

 She very carefully turns herself around watching her footing so she doesn't slip.

 Then she has to dry her paws off because Chows hate having wet paws.  First the left one.

 Then the right one, this never varies.

 Time to water the ivy because who doesn't have to pee when they just had their feet in water?

 Once Chows pooh or pee, they run for the hills.

 Why this is, I will never know.

 But even at her age, she is a blur as she heads back home.

 She does stop for a rest partway up the steps.

 By the time she reaches the upper garden, she is panting.

 However, do you see how she is turning her head here?  She smelled something.  Perhaps a bad kitty? What you don't see is that she spun around, flew down the step and across the rocks heading into the woods.  I followed screaming and reached to grab her which made her turn around and snap at me.  She was separated from whatever the unknown smell was by the pond and thought twice about diving in to get there.  Plus I had two handfuls of hair that I was hanging onto and was trying to pull her back so she wouldn't get hurt on the rocks.  Jesus. Could you hear me screaming from where you are?

 She reluctantly gave in and came home, both of us panting. Maybe slowing down a little isn't such a bad thing.  I don't need this kind of excitement in my life anymore.